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Stressed over how to ace your EAE application?
Here are five tips to wow us with your write-ups and subsequent interviews in 90 seconds.

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The write-up should demonstrate a strong aptitude and passion in course-specific areas. 

  • List your accomplishments that are relevant to the course. For example, if you’re applying for the Diploma in Information Technology, let us know you dabble with code or show us websites that you’ve built.
  • Talk about your CCAs that are relevant to the course. For example, you’re the school’s newspaper editor if you’re applying for the Diploma in Mass Communication.
  • Draft your write-up on paper first, focus on key highlights, then get someone to run through it and give you feedback.

The write-up should highlight talents and achievements in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, community service, arts and sports.

  • Get personal. This is the moment for us to get to know you as a person. Be honest, open and original.
  • Highlight leadership or high-key positions you’ve held in your CCA(s). Be it in an executive committee or a sub-committee, you wear multiple hats to get the job done. Put them down to make a good impression!
  • Highlight your academic, sports or school-related honours to get noticed. After all, the interviewers are looking for a well-rounded person. Or if you have attended an advanced elective module (AEM) through a polytechnic course, up your chances of getting noticed.

600-character course-specific write-up samples

Business Courses

Serving as the Head Prefect and Valedictorian in school has given me many opportunities to hone my leadership and oratorical skills. Organising large events namely the school carnival has provided a fantastic opportunity to learn about the intricacies of entrepreneurship, marketing and logistical challenges first hand. As the overall IC, working as a team of 12, managing over 40 classes, external vendors, and regulators from NEA SPF and SCDF. Designing it from scratch, we procured tents, promotional material, power setup, and food storage solutions, gaining insight into logistics solutions.
Early Childhood Courses

Offered in collaboration with National Institute of Early Childhood Development {NIEC] I gained interest in the Early Childhood course from my family. I have conducted activities with kids from different backgrounds in my collaborations with Spastic Children Association School and Happy Meridians Student Care Centre. I have also participated in a Road Safety Awareness event for preschool students by AMK South NPC and a puppet show on deforestation awareness in school.
Engineering Courses

I want to research and invent technology on Hydrogen fuel to use in motor vehicles and help the ecosystem to reduce pollution and greenhouse effect at cheaper cost. I participated in subject-related competitions in Ngee Ann Poly Chemical Powered Car, Mystery of the Body Parts Engineering, Forensic Science workshop and Australian Science Innovations Big Science Competition, Science Club activity by Science Centre with Young Geneticist Badge award.
InfoComm Technology Courses

I want to gain a deeper insight behind transactional banking after given the role of treasurer in my class and CCA. I mastered the fundamentals of programming as a computing student and helped in coding an Arduino robot. I received a silver in the STEM Young Engineer Award and represented my school on a STEM trip to Melbourne. My interest for both finance and technology have since been enhanced and it propelled me to aspire to be involved in the FinTech sector and play a role in future advancements. I believe NP’s Fl will further expose me to FinTech and help me attain a job in this industry.
Media Courses

My hobbies include watching movies and painting and I was interested in filmmaking at a young age. I completed a Basic Adobe Flash MX course, which taught me how to animate. I also took up advanced art at NAFA for 3 years and have the experience of directing a short film and working with MEDIAC0RP as an actor to cultivate my artistic and acting skills. I am also an active member of the Drama Club in school, being part of various drama competitions.
Nursing Courses

I joined the St John Ambulance and learnt first aid and practical skills. As a staff sergeant, I was involved in a one week hospital attachment where I experienced the life of a nurse such as taking blood, sponging and patient care. I aspire to be a committed and dedicated nurse.

1000-character write-up samples

My secondary school experience has been exciting. An active participant in sports, I represented my school as Vice-Captain in a West Zone Ultimate Frisbee Competition. I participated in numerous Volleyball matches and attain First Runner Up in the Tchoukball Champions. Competition wise, I represented my school in the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. As an Executive Committee, I created a wallet for the blind. The wallet, named Braillet, allows visually impaired to identify notes through their sense of touch. It is heartening to see beneficiaries stepping out and live life normally with Braillet. My project was featured on the local newspaper (LianHeZaoBao) and won the support of a Singapore Pools, purchasing 100 pieces of Braillet. For community service, I contribute at organisations like Whispering Hearts and Willing Heart Soup Kitchen. Project Braillet gave me a chance to interact and improve life of the visually impaired from the Association of the Visually Handicapped.

For my Uniform group CCA, Girl guides, I have achieved Assistant Patrol Leader and one year later the highest position of Company Leader. I have achieved 3 consecutive years of championship for inter school World Thinking Day competitions. I have also achieved 2 gold awards for East Division day competitions and 3 Gold awards for Puan Noor Aishah awards. I have also participated in the Cat Museum Project Prototype, World Cities Pavilion Project, Youth Innovation Challenge – semi finals, and National Youth Business Challenge – Championship and Most Creative and Innovative Award.